Voluntary Reirement benefit under Punjab Govt


Punjab Govt decided vide Government letter No.3/23/09-3FPPC/1358 dated 15th Dec,2011  that linkage of full pension with qualifying service of 33 years shall be dispensed with and a Govt employee who has rendered minimum qualifying service of twenty years shall be entitled to full pension equal to 50 % of emoluments i.e last pay drawn or average emoluments whichever beneficial to him . Before this circular employee who wish to get voluntary retirement before age of superannuation are also entitled for benefit up to five years for calculating pension period as per Punjab Voluntary retirement Rules,1975 .These rules are not withdrawn so far and employees  are being allowed for voluntary retirement . But Accountant General/Accounts Punjab is not allowing the benefit of five years without any rule and made a reference to Punjab Govt. for clarification.


What question can be asked under RTI ? 


Can any body ask the question from AG or Punjab Govt.




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