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21.(Ref.No.F.1/10/2010-R-I) Two Public Health Dentist/Dental Surgeons in the Directorate of Medical & Health Services


I am a Dentist from maharashtra would likt to take help regarding one RTI application that i have already filed two times to the UPSC Delhi.

I haven’t got the complete information till now by UPSC under the word fiduciary relationship. I have uploaded copies of that two RTI Applications

that has send to upsc, kindly look through them ,With respect to the second application they answered incomplete manner refusing to give me the scanned or xerox copies of the documents i require  by stating that ( It is informed that the candidates have given there personal details regarding there qualification , experience etc. to upsc ina fiduciary relationship with the expectation that this information would not be disclosed to the others.further the desired information has no relation to any public interest or activity hense the disclosure of this information held by the upsc is exempted under section 8(1) (e) & (j) of RTI 2005).

The reason behind to do all this is after the advertisement for long period i wait for being to call for interview and for curiosity one day i called n inquired about what is the progress of this advertisement they told the  next day is interview starting n they told that i have less experience so that i haven’t eligible which was incorrect so filed rti regarding this and at that time thay replied  me that my registration certificate has expired ,actually the fact is that we have to renew our reg yearly in that our reg certificate remains the same only we get one pay slip of renewal and this is applicable all over the India so again i filed second rti to get eligible candidates reg certificate copy which they have produced to upsc along with the application during they applied but they are refusing to furnished .

So regarding to this issue i am requiesting you if possible to you kindly look through this .

Waiting for your reply.




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