Co-operative Housing Society Thane

I want some information from Dy. Registrar Office, Thane, Maharashtra, under RTI, and needed some guidance, I am a beginner

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  1. Vinita Deshmukh - RTI Anonymous Team Member says:

    yes but what kind of information do you want – you haven’t mentioned that

  2. Anand - RTI Anonymous (Director - Overseas Operations) says:

    Moving this to “Unclear RTI’s”

  3. K.P.Boda says:

    Use standard formate from the website of RTI and mention sub Registrar as PIO following the list of documents needed/ querry/question/information required and put Rs.10/ court fee stamp on the top, and send it the currier.

  4. K.P.Boda says:

    I have succcessfully recieved response and got a desired result from the same office an year ago. All the best.

  5. Anand - RTI Anonymous Team Member says:

    Moving this to Resolved Non-RTI’s

    Dear Mr. Boda,
    RTI Anonymous is an organization, meant to protect and shield RTI Requestors/Activists, who are threatened with physical harm.
    We really would like to receive drafted RTI Applications, that we can file in our name, thus shielding the requestor

  6. sony says:

    I want some information regarding our society from thane Housing society office. How do i go about.

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