Co-operative Housing Society Thane

I want some information from Dy. Registrar Office, Thane, Maharashtra, under RTI, and needed some guidance, I am a beginner

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  1. Vinita Deshmukh - RTI Anonymous Team Member says:

    yes but what kind of information do you want – you haven’t mentioned that

  2. Anand - RTI Anonymous (Director - Overseas Operations) says:

    Moving this to “Unclear RTI’s”

  3. K.P.Boda says:

    Use standard formate from the website of RTI and mention sub Registrar as PIO following the list of documents needed/ querry/question/information required and put Rs.10/ court fee stamp on the top, and send it the currier.

  4. K.P.Boda says:

    I have succcessfully recieved response and got a desired result from the same office an year ago. All the best.

  5. Anand - RTI Anonymous Team Member says:

    Moving this to Resolved Non-RTI’s

    Dear Mr. Boda,
    RTI Anonymous is an organization, meant to protect and shield RTI Requestors/Activists, who are threatened with physical harm.
    We really would like to receive drafted RTI Applications, that we can file in our name, thus shielding the requestor

  6. sony says:

    I want some information regarding our society from thane Housing society office. How do i go about.

  7. mkk says:

    Our society is charging building repair fund 24000 but not as per square feet basis of flat but equal to all flat and interest we members taken signature of members and given to society but action been taken.
    TNA(TNA)HSG./TC/13166 OF 2001-02 DT.14.12.2001

  8. David says:

    Dear MKK

    I am dont think co op hsg society falls under RTI act . anyways .I presume you have gibe through the by laws/memorandum of association of your society which stipulates how charges are to be collected.If its in your favour then you can complain to the registrar of co-op societies first if you dont see any action Then you can file an RTI to the registrar for action taken report etc.

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