getting property card (7/12 utara) in my name

I own a plot of land (NA) in Mahapoli village, Tal: Bhiwandi, Dist: Thane, Maharashtra

This land was bought in June 2007 vide registered sale deed at the tehsildars office. I got the 7/12 (property card) officially issued in my name from the Village Talathi the very same day. Now in October 2011 when i visited the Tehsil land record office to get a fresh 7/12 (property card) i was shocked to see that my land is still in the name of previous owners. Now the procedure to get my name is on the property card is to visit the Talathi office at his convinient timings & convince him to open all the records of his office pertaining to my land then offer him favours & perks along which the official fees which i had earlier paid to do this same work, then only my property record will be updated.

I would like to know who is the concerned authority to update the land records at the Tehsil & why was it not updated since more than 4 years.

Please guide me as to how to draft this application & to whom it is to be addressed.

Is there any online submition procedure which we can do.


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  1. Vinita Deshmukh - RTI Anonymous Team Member says:

    The CIC Pune has given interesting decisions in this regard. I shall get back to you in a day or two with specifics and then guide you.. tks

    • Anand - RTI Anonymous Team Member says:

      Can this request need to be anonymous. ? If so, can we ask the requestor to file the RTI application, so that we can file it , under our name ?

      • RGOVIND52 says:

        There is no need. The changes in the village records were not updated in the tahsildar’s office records. The applicant may initially file an application to the concerned tahsildar to update the changes of his property in the record with fees if any prescribed and sufficient time may be given to process his request. Then only a RTI application is possible on his request. At present application if any filed will be simply rejected saying that no changes effected in the tahsil records.

  2. kaziammar says:

    Thanks Vinita,
    I shall wait for your guidelines.

  3. J P Shah says:

    I think I have provided detailed guidelines on another website of RTI where the matter was posted. Please follow those guidelines.

    • Anand - RTI Anonymous Team Member says:

      Shah Sir,
      Can you provide me the details of the other website, where the guidelines are posted. I will copy-paste the same to this website

  4. chidgopkar - RTIA Team Member says:

    You can make an RTI application to the respective Talathi office & ask for inspection of PHER PHAR Patrak ( Village form no. 6 of your plot

  5. mohdmubeen says:

    Dear sir
    may I know wher can I apply for patta certificate copy

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