Status of MTH Road(NH 205)


The Project Director


PIU- Chennai

Dear Sir,

Subject : Application for Information under RTI Act 2005

I XXXX , a citizen of India, request you to kindly provide me the following information under the Right to Information Act, 2005:

Please inform me the Name, Designation , Address, Office Telephone number of the Officer, who is responsible for the maintenance of MTH Road(NH 205) . How often and with what frequency is the above mentioned officer supposed to carry out inspection of the roads and check their condition ? Is there any particular officer assigned for a particular length of the road?

Following are the points..

1. What should be the width of the road as per the standards laid down in your manuals and what is it at prominent places? I am particularly interested in the width of the road from Padi Junction(81/6) to Thirunindravur(59/6).

2. If there are encroachments along the road, have you taken steps to remove the encroachments? If encroachments have not been removed, please provide with valid reasons for the same.

3. When was the last date and time when the officer carried out a inspection of the road ?

4. Please provide me with a certified copy of the inspection report made by the officer after the inspection carried out by him during the last visit to area. Please provide me with a certified copy of the Action Taken Report based on the inspection report made by the officer after inspecting the road.

5. Please give a list of all the works related to improvement of road carried out in this area during the period from Jan 2010 to till now. How many times have repairs (both minor and major) been carried out?  For each repair work, the list should contain : the length of the the road repaired and identify the starting and the ending point or other methods (like a small hand drawn sketch), exact location of spots where the work was carried out the name of the work work order,  no. length of repair average width of repair method of repair what was the composition of repair actual date of start actual date of completion amount paid or payable status of work name of the contractor mode of improvement of that road.

6. If the work was done through a contractor, please also provide the following information: Copy of measurement book (both abstract entries & record entries) Copy of sketch Copy of details of estimates Names of the Assistant Engineer and the Executive Engineer who inspected each of these works and passed payments. Which portions of these works were inspected by them? If there was any guarantee clause in the contract, copy of that portion of the contract which mentions this guarantee clause and the conditions in which this clause can be invoked. Has the guarantee clause been invoked till now? If no, why in spite of the fact that the roads are in such bad condition.

6. Many places in the road are totally broken these days. Please give specific reasons for the bad condition of the road. Name of the Road Starting and Ending point Reason for poor condition.

7. If road is broken due to water stagnation on the road, please intimate whether it is due to wrong design , wrong execution, poor quality material or due to clogged drains or any other reason ?

8. If it is due to wrong design, wrong execution, poor quality materials, how was the payment passed?

9. What action will be taken against the engineer who inspected the road and let it pass like this?

10. The fact that this road have broken shows that very bad material has been used in the roads. What enquiries will be made to ascertain the quality of the roads? How will you fix responsibilities? By when the enquiries will be completed?

11. The payments seem to have been done fraudulently and the inspection carried out by the engineers was faulty. What enquiries will be instituted against the engineers who passed the payments and did faulty inspection?

12. By what date can the citizens living in this area can expect the roads to be widened as per norms and be made fit for normal driving ?

13. If the roads are not restored by the date indicated in Item #12 above, what action will be taken AND what penalties will be levied against the officers/ contractors/ agencies which do not restore the road on time ?


Thanking You,


2 Responses to Status of MTH Road(NH 205)

  1. Vinita Deshmukh - RTI Anonymous Team Member says:

    Your application is too long and full of interrogative questions.Kindly re-draft your application without asking `why’ and making allegations. RTI Act is for seeking information and you cannot presume or allege and hurl them with allegations in the form of questions. There is no harm in being humble in asking RTI queries. I think your application should be restricted to first six questions. Also give the name and address of the PIO. You cannot file a RTI application under Section 6 with the Project Director.

  2. nightwatch says:

    1. Techical information on this contract and maintenance conditions can be viewed at Ser 117 at this link:
    2. You may read the agreement and redraft your application as suggested by Vinitaji above.
    3. Your PIO in this case would be:

    Sh. K.Ramesh Babu,Mgr
    Project Implementation Unit,
    National Highways Authority of India,
    No. 1/54-28, Butt Road,
    St Thomas Mount,
    Chennai – 600 016

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