RTI Anonymous से कैसे जुडें

We are getting lot of people expressing interest & desire to Join RTI Anonymous. RTI Anonymous is a community based project where everybody can join, be a member and contribute to betterment of India.

There is no Application Form, no Membership Fees, no Membership Eligibility. None of that 10th century way.

RTI Anonymous is the future for India.

Only thing required is your will to change India and do something concrete. Not just talk and give free opinions !!

Vision of RTI Anonymous: A Community where people File their RTI’s through others and File RTI’s for others so that all the information comes out and yet no one is victimized.

Join RTI Anonymous by Registering here

Whoever you are:

  • File RTI’s for others to protect them from victimization:  Take an RTI of your choice from Drafted RTI’s (Ready to File) from the menu on the right category and File it.
    • Login
    • Print the Drafted RTI, enclose a Postal Order of Rs. 10 and send it to the Public Information Officer via Speed Post (whose address would be given somewhere on the same webpage which has that particular RTI).
    • Leave a Reply on the same webpage with the Speed Post Consignment Number and that you have Filed the RTI so that the original requester can keep track of your application and you can focus on drafting or filing the next RTI. It would also help us to move it to the Filed RTI’s category.
    • Upload the reply that you receive to the RTI on the same webpage where the original RTI is (or Email Us with the web address of the webpage where the original RTI is  and we will upload it for you). If the received document is in a non-hindi non-english language, then please write a brief summary of the what that document says. Uploading the document automatically sends an email to the original requester too.

If You are an RTI Activist :

  • Login
  • Go To UnProcessed RTI’s from the menu on the right and then go to the RTI of your choice
    • If an RTI is possible and it needs to be Anonymous, for that post, Draft an RTI for it and submit it back on the text box, which says ‘Leave a Reply’. Click on Post Comment Button to Submit your Draft.
    • If the submitted request does not require an RTI,  please try to provide a brief Reply with a suggestion and alternate solution.  Let him know why his request does not come under the Purview of RTI Act 2005.
    • If the submitted Request comes under the purview of RTI Act 2005, but you don’t see a need for it to be Anonymous, Leave a Reply saying that and we will move it to the non-anonymous category. However, still try to help the original requester by Drafting an RTI for him/her, advising him/her, etc. We definitely want to help the Non-Anonymous RTI request, but focus of RTI Anonymous is safeguarding people from coming under any harm or threat to Life/Career.

Are you a Journalist/Reporter/Columnist/Blogger :

  • Write about RTI Anonymous : This will help tens of thousands of victimised transparency activists and whistle blowers to use RTI Anonymous (RTIA) and stay safe. We will do our bit, by spreading your article/story through social media as much as possible.

Do you own a Website  ? 

  • Back link to RTI Anonymous
    • Back linking to us would be one of the biggest ways you can help us. It helps RTI Anonymous reach your audience too.
    • If you need RTI Anonymous banner image, you can find it it HERE

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