We at RTI Anonymous have been relentlessly advancing on our front in the War against Corruption. We started with exposing, discouraging and pressing for action against acts of Corruption.

However, we firmly believe that it is even more important to promote, motivate and support honest and sincere people and people fighting against corruption.

With this in mind, we have come up with RTI Anonymous Awards. These Awards will focus on entities which haven’t been recognized elsewhere.

The awardees are selected in consultation with social reform experts, activists and general public opinion. ‘

Following is the list of RTI Anonymous Awardees:

  1. Shri M. K. S. Sundaram, District Magistrate, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh (January 2012)
    An RTI Anonymous activist was assaulted by RTO Officers in Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh for fighting corruption on behalf of a victimized whistle blower who had approached RTI Anonymous for help.
    RTI Anonymous registered a mass protest against this with the District Magistrate Shri Sundaram. Shri Sundaram immediate sprung into action.

    • He conducted a surprise raid at the RTO and promised regular surprise raids
    • He put signboards everywhere in the RTO telling people the exact amount to be paid for each work and urging people not to pay more
    • He ordered that identity of each person be recorded while entry and exit to and from the RTO so that goons and hooligans erstwhile lingering in the RTO can be caught. This did away with all such people including brokers who forced people to pay them for getting their work done.
  2. Shri N. V. Deshpande, Director, National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam (April 2012)
    For his Dedication, Sincerity and Outstanding Commitment to Transparency and Voluntary Publication/Disclosure of Information in the Public Domain as the Director of National Institute of Technology Silchar
  3. Shri Ashok Khemka, Director General, Consolidation of Land Holdings & Land Records, Government of Haryana (October 2012)
    For his fearlessness in taking up the high and the mighty by cancelling the land deal between Shri Robert Vadra and DLF Limited.