Such initiatives will ultimately strengthen the RTI movement. The only challenge is that information officers are unlikely to reveal sensitive information at the first go and your group would need to pursue matters diligently.

Shailesh Gandhi, Central Information Commissioner


कौन कहता है कि आज भारत में भगत सिंह पैदा नहीं होते? Follow RTI Anonymous, here we have our modern Freedom Fighters.

Sutikshan Dubey

I believe in RTI Anonymous. It may prove to be the most transformational piece of legislation this generation of Indians will ever get to see.


RTI Anonymous doing a really very commendable job. Words fall short to appreciate this holy crusade. Change is in the offing. THANKS A LOT !

Deepak Singh

Wow! This is real Entrepreneurship.

Prof. Paul Lillrank, Aalto University, Finland


I have Filed RTI for the first time in my life and it happened due to GETUP4CHANGE; because I was encouraged only by your website. Many many thanks for your creation.


You are doing a Great job! You have inspired a LOT of people at IIT Roorkee.

साहिल जैन

I will request all to please Donate something to RTI Anonymous. Thank you so much for your service.

Wasi Ur Rahman

Your Team is doing Yeoman service. You read each and every mail received and give valuable suggestions. The Team is Dedicated to Commitment.

E E Arasu

Being an Indian, I salute you for paying attention to those people who are putting their lives in danger for the society.

Kshitij Chaurasia

I got my passport a few months ago without paying any bribe. They asked me but I refused to pay a single rupee. People around me scared me by saying that you are not gonna get your passport. But I knew very well that I would get it and if otherwise happens I have you guys to back me. Proud of you!!

Shubhra Shweta