CAG report on Indian Coast Guard

Indian Coast Guard.

I am an serving CG personnel and as such i am not allowed to publicly put forward my points, but seeing the present conditions and frustrations in which my men are put into i just wanted some solutions to make this force better. The morale of the people is so low that i humbly request you to interview if you can some ICG personnel just to know the gravity of the situation. Its just the commitment towards the country that keeps people going but if situation continuous even that cant hold people.

1. What actions has the Govt taken on the last CAG report on Indian Coast Guard. Which has put forward some very valid points about ICG.

2. If the Indian Coast Guard is under Min Of Defence, then why is it not given MSP just like the Indian Navy-when same training is being given for both Officers and Sailors, more workload with more sailing( the more the sailing the personnel is more away from his family and leads to more problems which have gone unreported). If a personnel is not compensated properly his quality of work is less. Even each Officer is allotted so many duties for which he has not been even trained for. Technical officers doing OOD(Officer of the Day) duties which actually requires an Harbour Watchkeeping Certeficate. Technical Officers are not trained or eligible for this certeficate.  Still they are doing which is a major security lapse, as such they are not trained to handle situations like the General Duty Branch Officers.

3. If CCS rules are applicable to ICG then how can people do duty continuously for 18 hrs(morning 0800 to next day 1600 or till securing time which generally happens after 1500). Then they have to be given over time because CCS rules give overtime for more than 08 hrs of work.

4. When all the other Armed Forces are being given pension why only CG personnel are given contributory pension.

5. Ex Service men quota-People are not given Ex service men status, so nobody takes retirement and because of which even men onboard a ship  are not fit(many are above 40 yrs) . Due to lack of men CG still sails with them-just think the action that these aged people can do if anything happens at sailing.

6. The reason why technical allowance has been given to ICG sailors just like the Indian Navy sailors but ICG Officers has been denied that allowance which the Govt has been giving to Indian Navy Officers also.

I am proud of my service and want other people also to feel the same. But it cant be done until someone make a a move and start something for which people have been looking answers for sometime. I hope with your help the ICG personnel will have atleast some valid and proper answers to their queries.

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