Fellowship for DST INSPIRE Fellow AORC category for PhD why late ?

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All the students who have been awarded the DST Inspire fellowship and after registering to any university they are not getting their fellowship regularly. It is very hard to sustain like this. As many institutes like IIT, IISERs all have huge semester fees and it must be given on time, but as the fellowship doesnot come every month for scholars its very hard time. please see to the problem as fast as possible. After receiving a prestigious award like this we dont expect like this because after all money is needed in life.why the money is coming to late ??? Try to be in every month ….



Please see to the problem as possible which can help the research scholars in future for better performance in research. 

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  1. aiyappa05 says:

    It would be beneficial if you elaborate on your query.

    • arindam says:

      all the DST Inspire fellows who have joined for Phd are not getting their fellowships on time, all the students are getting after every 6-7 months, so it is very much problem in that situtation to pay the semester fees of the institutions

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